Rage Against the Machine

I was just listening to this band, when I felt inspired to write. Mostly I just have questions? Like, why don’t we rage against the machine? This machine we call government. This consumer zombie national persona. You know, the one in which we always need to buy something to be happy. How’s that working for you?

Since, our government has been proven (or have very suspisious coincidences involved) to have used black flag operations in order to start wars, I have no doubt our government was behind 9/11. Hell, that would have broken the pattern we’ve used in every war since the Spanish-American War.  So, who do we really need protection from? The Machine.

People don’t want to come over here and bomb us. Not even terrorists. They just want us to stop fucking with them. We are the next generation of fascists. I say we, because we are the government. And if you don’t stand up and shape it the way you want it, then you get what they give you. That would be the shitty end of the stick. And you’ll like it.

Our healthcare is 47th in the world. What the fuck? There is no excuse. The AMA should be ashamed of itself. But no, it is making too much money from pharmaceutical companies and the financially lucrative practise of treating symptoms and not the problem.  I haven’t been to a doctor in 15 years and am not going. My family doesn’t go. But even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I don’t have medical insurance and the old system of county hospitals down here is no more. Not enough money there.

One of our fastest growing industries is the prison system. Oh yeah, it’s doing well. This month should have the 20,000,000 marijuana arrest. Twenty million people arrested since this stupid fucking war against our own people over weed. Lives ruined forever because they chose to fire up a doobie instead of downing a fifth of Beam. Or smoking cigarettes. It must be healthy or else it would be legal.

In this prison system, the state has also failed to ensure the incarcerated person is capable of re-integrating with society upon release. Instead, it becomes a revolving door system that does no good for anyone. Oh yeah, you foot the bill for it. That’s the shitty end of the stick for you.

Why do we need so many cops? I mean, it’s not like you’re going to see them rush to the scene of a “shots fired” call. Not that I blame them, hell you could get shot rushing in. But that’s supposed to be their job. Or at least, you might believe that to be so.

Cops came about during the industrial revolution. That’s the modern form of them, naturally there were predecessers. Their job was to “Preserve the Peace” and to “Protect Property”. In other words, stop the factory workers from rioting because they were no longer able to support themselves on their pay. Or lack of it. That preserves the peace pretty good. Especially if you use grapeshot like Napoleon did on the citizenry to stop a riot.

Oh yeah, guess who owned the property? The same person who needed his workers subdued with the police. AFter all, do you think his workers could afford any property? So cops were specifically formed as an instument of force for the machine to subdue the population. Things never really change in that respect. Think of that black guy down here in Florida a few years ago who was accussed of shooting a cop. A well loved cop. Though no one was at his funeral that wasn’t a cop. And they weren’t letting anyone in that wasn’t invited. He never made it to trial. They shot the shit out of that boy. And only stopped because they ran out of bullets. It wasn’t an accident either, for they announced that if you were black and had dreadlocks you’d better stay hid. Yeah, that’s the kind of protection I want. Murderous thugs who were never brought to justice.

Education? Yeah, bury the kids in facts until they don’t ever want to learn anything again. Before children start school here, their Theta waves are dominant. These are the brain waves associated with imagination. But don’t worry, our school system kills that long before they graduate. Ussually by the sixth grade. That’s it’s purpose. To kill off your imagination and your desire to truly become education. To think for yourself. You were bred to do nothing but consume.

I could go on, but I have to get up in the morning. But I ask you this one question, why aren’t you raging against the machine?

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

No man stands higher than another in the eyes of God.

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