Bailing out the crooks

And leaving the citizens to get run over by the bus. If we are going to finance this crap legislation then maybe we ought to get something out of it. Like mortage protection. But, no…. what they will pass is a measure that will ensure mass foreclosures and increase the homeless rate among people who are already screwed enough. On the edge of another depression and all the government wants to do is steal the rest of our money. Ahhhh, so nice to be rich and heartless.

At least we all got a glimpse of the fragility of our government when they all pretty much proved they can’t get past their ideology for the common good. I’m so glad I’m an anarcist. If I were a member of a political party, it would be the Greens, but I don’t believe anyone has any inherent power over me. I turned on, tuned in, and dropped out a long time ago.

Personally, I think we should all ask just where are they getting all this money from? Income taxes aren’t even making the interest payments on the Central Bank scam, so just where is it coming from? Oh yes, Other countries when they buy our T-Bills. Like the countries called corporations and also the traditional countries like China and such. Though personally, I am glad that China is the new world power. We have done nothing but demonstrate our sick psychosis since we’ve had the opportunity.

The greatest nation in the world? Hardly. Our educational system is poorly funded and only provides the scantest attention to asking questions, such as “Why do people pay attention to the crime cartel known as “Government”.  Our health care system is 47th in the world because we would rateher push deadly drugs rather than concentrate on cures and prevention. All in the name of profits. Yet, our military is big enough. Imagine had we invested in education, inter-city development, health care, and other public service investments instead of the prison/war machines that we have invested into so whole-heartedly.

If we are to have a country worth fighting for, shouldn’t we invest in it? Maybe responsible management of our resources, which includes us. But we won’t. During the last depression, this country was close to having a revolution turning us into a Communist state. People had lost faith in capitalism. And for good reason. All those robber barons are assholes. Just like today. And they will get a lot more in their golden parachutes than we will in protection from foreclosure. Welcome to the fuck me club.

If you rob a 7-11 with a handgun, and especially if you’re black, you are looking at twenty years. One year for each dollar you’ll probably get. Rip off billions through shady mortgage and investment practices and you’ll probably only get a few million for your exit package. Go big or go home is our government’s motto.

Personally, I hope that Wall Street collapses. It is the instrument by which the corporations get the financing to run “their” government officials. And it is financed by us. Us, being the masses. We bitch and moan, but we finance the means to our own destruction. If it falls, times will really suck for a while, but the survivors will have the opportunity to grasp economic independence. That’s all most of us really want anyway. With the collapse of /Wall Street, small businesses would rule. A more diversified economic model. With a much smaller and less oppressive government.

If you doubt any of this, ask yourself why no one is bringing up criminal charges for the gross malfeance of these CEO’s. Many more questions rise up out of this, but I will stop here for today. Remember, the founding fathers spoke of the inevitablity of another revolution in the Declaration of Independence. I pray that day is near. It is time for real change.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

With freedom, violence in inevitable. But free people do not fear it or start it. Are you free?

2 responses to “Bailing out the crooks

  1. Ron Paul warned everybody & they laughed at him so no one feels sorry for them now. They all got what they asked for.

  2. An adjustable crown of brown flexible plastic 4 yards in length. Katelynn Bible

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