Back and Pissed Off

Some of you may have noticed I had deleted all my previous posts. They seemed so depressing to me. A bad time in my life.  But, sometimes you have to hit bottome before you can redesign yourself. That was the case with me.  We choose where bottom is, but it’s hard to see such things when you are in such a downward spiral. In the meantime, you lose all those things that don’t matter.

Yeah, I still smoke fairly often. Okay, almost daily. But, I’m on a project right now in which I need to be in my old mode of take no prisoners. Yet, I can’t help but notice the headlines every now and then. Especially this farce of an election we have in this fascist country.  Fascism being a nation run by corporations. Anyone doubt who runs our country? Corporations and bankers. Not presidents or congressmen (though they all toady up to them like the pieces of shit they are).

Is it good or bad? Neither, except that their only concern is their quarterly bottom lines, not for the welfare of the people.  Not for being responsible stewards of the citizenry. Our CEO’s only care about how much money they can make. Donald Rumsfeld is a prime example.  When he was CEO of Searle, he got the FDA (an enemy agency far removed from it’s founder’s intent to protect the citizenry by informing them of what they were ingesting, now they approve only poisons for us), to approve Aspartame (think NutraSweet) which created tumors in the lab animals, calcified their brains, and in general, kills you nice and slow.  Just go ahead and drink embalming fluid as it metabolizes as formaldyhyde at 86 deg. For his crimes against humanity, he appears to have been well rewarded. All for money.

There is nothing wrong with money, but in accordance with the Buddhist doctrine of Right Action and Intent, and others, one should try to make the world a better place by their having been here.  How does killing your customers better their lives? I get confused sometimes over the modern sociopathic CEO thought process.  All for a dollar.

In our elections we have two main candidates, Obama and McCain.  Both of whom approved the Patriot Act. A piece of legislation which is anything but patriotic. Palin is an idiot and Biden co-sponsored much of the Drug War legislation which has spawned the police state we live in. Over 800,000 people in jail now for weed. I guess that doesn’t kill enough people.

Strange how these Drug Warriors are against drugs. After all,  the Iran-Contra scandal was all about drug smuggling by the CIA into America. Thank you CIA. Thanks to them, when they had too much coke to unload, they invented crack cocaine in a deliberate attempt to decimate the black community. Reagan, the architect of fascism in the good ole US of A.  And we all stand for it. We accept it. We believe we don’t make a difference. If you don’t believe you make a difference, then you don’t. I beleive otherwise.

This year, we have another sham of an election with Diebold. Wonderful machines that screwed an over 50% vote for Cynthia McKinney out of an outright win. And why can’t we have a paper trail? Oh yeah, both our parties have sold us out completely. They’ve taken off the gloves so they can shove their dreams of glory right up our collective asses.

Henry Paulson is about to be coronated Supreme Dictator of this country. A country owned by all of our debtor nations.  You know, the ones that we sell our worthless T-Bills to, so we can continue to practise genocidal madness across the globe. Way to go, I’m sure this is just what the founding fathers wanted for us all. To become pussies against bullies.

Most of Wall Street has been purged, thank God.  Those crooks deserved what they got.  Shame. Unfortunately for you sub-prime mortage holders, your asses are now about to be owned by Paulson. Just pray for a reach-around. But, don’t think you’ll get it.

Enjoy you illusion of safety people. That is all it is. Free people don’t require anyone to protect them, they protect themselves and think for themselves. I urge everyone who reads this to do just that: Grow a pair of balls/ovaries and dare to be free. Otherwise, you remain nothing but another victim.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Fear is for the weak

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